1. It's all about Jesus!

We're Jesus people, not religious people. He is the center of our attention and affection. It’s his church and he gets all the glory.

2. We are a loving family!

We're not stingy with our words or shy with our actions. We will be known by our love.

3. We're All In!!

We don't hold back. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing with passion and excellence.

4. We honor one another!

We treat every person with respect, value, and dignity, worthy of our love--regardless of age, race, background, or life-story.

5. Church is to be enjoyed, not endured!

We don't have to go to church, rather we can't wait to get to church. God is good and life together is to be celebrated.

6. We're contributers, not consumers!

There's no bench on this team. Every person is gifted and every gift has a God-given purpose. We're in this together. 

7. When we're empty, we are filled!

We're humble and hungry. We stay dependent on God's strength to work in and through our lives.

8. Generosity is our joy!

We freely give above and beyond what's expected of our time, energy, and finances. We're blessed to be a blessing to others.

9. Healthy things grow!

It's not about building a big ministry; it's about building big people. We create ecosystems for health over strategies for growth, confident that God will bless and grow His church.

10. We keep the menu simple!

We accomplish more by doing less. The more focused we are, the greater impact we have.